New Iraqi government willing to resolve oil disputes with Kurdistan Region
Quoting an Iraqi official, News 360 magazine wrote the new government of Iraq intends to resolve the differences between the central government and the Kurdistan region in the north in the shortest possible time.

Oil disputes have always been one of the main tensions between the Kurdistan Region and the central government of Iraq, but these disputes reached a peak following the Iraqi Federal Court's ruling in February, stating that the Kurdistan Region's oil activities were illegal.

However, News 360 magazine quoted an Iraqi official as saying that the government of Mohammad Shia al-Sudani intends to resolve these disputes as soon as possible.

Claiming that the negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad have made significant progress, this Iraqi official said that it is possible to resolve the oil disputes between the Kurds and the Iraqi central government within six months.

He announced the readiness of the new Iraqi government to resume negotiations, send and host negotiating delegations and try to formulate the oil and gas law within six months. According to him, the oil and gas law can end these conflicts.

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