Rojava Information Center warns over reduction of world political interactions with Syrian Kurds
The Rojava Information Center warned that instability in Syria will intensify if the world's political interactions with Kurdish entities in Syria decrease.

The Rojava Information Center, which monitors the situation in areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds, has warned of the consequences of reduced global engagement with the Syrian Kurds, following Sweden's desire to reduce engagement with the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in Syria.

Referring to the protest of the Syrian Kurdish authorities to the decision of the new Swedish government to cut its ties with Kurdish institutions in Syria, including the Democratic Union Party and the People's Defense Units, this think tank warned that this issue could affect the peace in Syria.

The Rojava Information Center has warned over Sweden's refusal to continue its sanctions against Turkey for Ankara's attack on the Kurdish region of Syria in 2019, cut off relations with the Syrian Kurds and giving in to Turkey's demands regarding the Kurds could mean turning a blind eye to the violation of the rights of the Syrians by Turkey.

This center has warned that ignoring the Kurdish institutions in Syria and accusing them of carrying out terrorist activities by Turkey and not allowing them to participate in the Syrian peace talks can prevent real peace in Syria.

This media-research institution, which is run by researchers and activists of Western media, has identified the severance of relations with the Syrian Kurds and their marginalization as the cause of the escalation of instability in Syria, because according to this center, the Syrian Kurds play an important role in the fight against ISIS, and the neglect of foreign countries in interacting with the Kurds will encourage ISIS in its attacks.

This center has considered the support of the US-led coalition to the Kurds and institutions affiliated with the autonomous administration in the north and northeast of Syria to be insufficient.

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