America has new plan for region controlled by Syrian Kurds
According to Politico magazine, the United States is creating new facilities and infrastructure for a long-term presence in the region under the control of the Syrian Kurds.

America, which has been in the region that is under the control of Syrian Kurds for more than 8 years, has described the presence in this region as tactical and temporary. However, Politico magazine has recently claimed that the United States is creating new infrastructure in the northeastern region of Syria for the long-term presence of its forces in this region.

This magazine has claimed that while it may be thought that America is focused on the medium-term presence in this region and the war in Ukraine, Washington is silently creating infrastructure for a long-term fight against ISIS in Syria.

According to this report, 900 American troops stationed in areas under the control of the Syrian Kurds are currently helping the Syrian Democratic Forces to fight ISIS. But the new plan is to create infrastructure to prevent the escape of about 10,000 ISIS fighters who are in prisons controlled by Syrian Kurds.

One of the officials of the US Department of Defense told this magazine that the current problem of the ISIS is access to the detention centers and prisons where the fighters of this group are protected. In the past two years, this terrorist group has taken measures to let its fighters escape, a clear example of which is the attack on Al-Sanaa prison in Hasaka in January. In this attack, ISIS managed to release a significant number of its forces.

According to Politico, the US is currently focusing on creating safe and reliable infrastructure for the Syrian Kurdish forces so that they can easily prevent the escape or smuggling of ISIS prisoners from these prisons using these facilities. The US has spent nearly 200 million dollars annually on training and equipping Syrian Kurdish forces.

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