Increasing threat of Turkish attack on Syrian Kurdish areas
According to Turkish officials and some experts, the possibility of a massive military attack by Turkey against the Syrian Kurds has increased due to the accusation that the Syrian Kurdish forces were involved in the Istanbul explosion.

A Turkish official, who asked to remain unknown, did not consider unlikely the possibility of another large-scale attack against the Syrian Kurds after the bomb explosion in the city of Istanbul on Sunday this week. The Turkish government has said that the arrested person, who is accused of carrying out this explosion, was in contact with groups such as the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) and the Syrian Kurdish militia.

Three experts on Middle East issues have also warned on Twitter that the possibility of another military attack by Turkey against Syrian Kurdish forces is not unlikely.

Fabrice Balanche, an analyst of Syrian issues and a professor at Lyon 2 University in France, warned on his Twitter page that by accusing the Syrian Kurds of being involved in the explosion, Turkey is actually preparing the ground for another military operation against the Syrian Kurds.

Seth Frantzman, an analyst of the Middle East issues, also predicted that Turkey will launch another large-scale military attack against the Syrian Kurds on the eve of the country's elections to attract nationalist votes.

Anthony Avis, an analyst of Middle East issues, has also pointed out that Turkey has used these incidents in the past to put more pressure on the Kurds inside and outside the country, and stressed on that the possibility of Turkey's military attack on the Syrian Kurds.

A Turkish official, who did not did not reveal his identity, told Reuters that the threats of ISIS or Kurdish militias against Turkey are not acceptable and that the country will eliminate these threats on its southern borders in any way.

Referring to the fact that a military operation against the forces affiliated with the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK is currently underway inside Iraq, he said: After the completion of this operation, targets inside Syria are also being considered.

Frederick Girding, an analyst of Kurdish issues, pointed out that the Turkish authorities said that the person accused of carrying out the explosion in Istanbul received his cell phone in the Kurdish city of Kobani in Syria, which could mean that Turkey has chosen the symbolic Kurdish city in Syria to conduct a military attack against it.

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