Former US official calls for Washington's interference in Turkey - PKK conflict
A former envoy of the US government in Syria warned that if Washington does not intervene in the conflict between Turkey and the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK), this conflict may get out of control.

Joel Rayburn, the former envoy of the US government in Syria, pointed out that PKK was accused by Turkey of being involved in the Istanbul bombing a few days ago, and warned that a new round of fierce confrontation between the two could begin.

He wrote on his Twitter page: It is better to add the confrontation between Turkey and PKK to America's priorities. The Biden administration should send an envoy to the region to resolve this issue before the conflict between Turkey and the PKK gets out of control.

Rayburn, director and founder of Sham and Hofer study centers, added: Washington has always preferred to ignore the conflict between Turkey and the PKK, but this approach no longer works.

He has warned that if the conflict between PKK and Turkey is not resolved, America's interests in issues such as alliance with Turkey in NATO, the campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, cooperation between America and Turkey regarding the crisis in Ukraine and the presence of America's military will be endangered in northeastern Syria and Iraq.

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