Turkey increasing pressure on Syrian Kurds
While threatening to continue air and possibly ground military operations against Syrian Kurds, Turkey has asked Sweden to return the wanted Kurds and completely cut off its relationship with Syrian Kurdish organizations.

Turkey's air attack last Sunday night on Kurdish positions in Syria disrupted the fragile peace in areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds. These attacks left more than 30 dead and many more injured.

The Syrian Kurds reacted to these attacks by firing rockets at the border areas of Turkey, and the Turkish President Erdogan threatened to carry out ground operations. If such an operation is carried out by Turkey, it will be the third large-scale Turkish military operation against the Syrian Kurds. Turkey had launched two military campaigns against Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria in 2018 and 2019.

At the same time, Turkey has increased the pressure on Sweden, which is one of the countries supporting the Syrian Kurds. Under the pressure from Turkey, Sweden canceled the military sanctions against Ankara and approved the bill to intensify the fight against terrorism, which was presented in the parliament, at Turkey's request.

However, Ankara is dissatisfied with Sweden's actions against the Syrian Kurds and demands more measures against them. Meanwhile, according to Swedish officials, the country is cutting ties with organizations affiliated to the Kurds in areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds. To join NATO, Sweden needs the votes of all 30 members of this western military organization. 28 NATO members have announced their final agreement with Sweden and Finland joining NATO, and Hungary has also promised to finalize this agreement before the end of this year. Therefore, Turkey is the only NATO member that currently does not intend to realize Sweden's desire to join NATO, even in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine.

Some experts believe Turkey's extensive military operations in areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds are possible even before the Turkish parliamentary and presidential elections. This election is going to be held in six months. According to experts, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling party always take aggressive actions against the Kurds on the eve of the elections to win the votes of the nationalists in Turkey. Such operations have been done both inside and outside Turkey and more such operations are still possible.

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