SDF Commander says US president halts Turkish ground offensive
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander in Chief, Mazloum Abdi, demanded on Wednesday US President, Joe Biden, prevents the Turkish potential ground offensive against northeast Syria from occurring.

In an interview with POLITICO, Abdi said that the Turkish cross-border operation will have devastating impacts and will impede progress achieved in the fight against Islamic State Organization (ISIS).

Since November 20, Turkish forces have been carrying out a wide-scale aerial operation against north and northeast Syria, leaving tens of deaths and causing wide-range destruction in facilities and infrastructures.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his announced operation will not remain limited to aerial bombardment, in an indication that at any time they could carry out a ground offensive in both Syria and Iraq to strike what he claimed to be “terrorist organizations.”

The SDF Commander expressed his belief that Biden should live up to promises made during his presidential campaign not to betray the Kurds, North Press new agency reported.

He stressed the “political and humanitarian responsibility” to protect the Kurdish people and families of 12.000 martyrs, who died in defending the world against ISIS, is placed up on Biden’s shoulders.

Abdi called on senior officials of the US administration to put more pressure on Turkey, adding that releasing mere statements “are not enough” to stop the Turkish operation.

He made it clear that the Turkish airstrikes that killed 18 civilians and 11 SDF fighters in addition to the damage caused to infrastructures are likely to be followed by a ground operation.

The SDF Commander in Chief warned that such an action gives ISIS a chance to “regroup and re-surge” and complicates the crisis in Syria further.

Though Turkey is mobilizing in areas on border, it needs the US and Russia’s permission to go ahead launching the operation, according to Abdi.

In his remarks, similar to these to al-Monitor, Abdi noted that the city of Kobani, northern Syria, is likely to be targeted along with Manbij and other areas where there are no US troops but Russians and soldiers of the Syrian government.

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