US urges de-escalation in northern Syria
US urged on Wednesday an immediate de-escalation in northern Syria following recent attacks by Turkey, destabilizing the area and threatening the process of fighting Islamic State Organization (ISIS).

Ned Price, Department Spokesperson said, in a statement, “We are deeply concerned by recent military action that destabilizes the region, threatens our shared goal to fight ISIS, and endangers civilians and U.S. personnel.”

Since November 20, Turkish forces have been carrying out a wide-scale aerial operation against north and northeast Syria, leaving tens of deaths and causing wide-range destruction in facilities and infrastructures.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his announced operation will not remain limited to aerial bombardment, in an indication that at any time they could carry out a ground offensive in both Syria and Iraq to strike what he claimed to be “terrorist organizations.”

 “We understand Turkey has legitimate security concerns regarding terrorism,” the statement added.

 “We have consistently communicated our serious concerns about the impact of escalation in Syria on our D-ISIS goals and on civilians on both sides of the border,” the spokesman noted.

In addition, he expressed “sincere condolences” for the loss of civilian life that has occurred in both Syria and Turkey.

Erdogan claimed launching these airstrikes and attacks on north and northeastern Syria in response to Istanbul blast on November 13 that killed six people and injured 80 others.

Ankara has accused Kurdish parties to lie behind the explosion. However, the Kurdish parties denied any involvement in the explosion, Turkish air force launched a week later intense airstrikes against northeast Syria with Kobani having the lion’s share in those attacks.

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