Number of Turkish air operations against Syrian Kurds
According to the Syrian Human Rights Watch, within 5 days of air operations, Turkey has targeted 65 positions in the area under the control of the Syrian Kurds, killing and injuring 125 people.

In the past week, the Turkish army has carried out extensive air operations against the Syrian Kurds using American F-16 fighter jets and domestic drones.

In a report, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced the number of Turkish airstrikes as 65, including 50 airstrikes using fighters and 15 using drones. The number of casualties in these attacks is said to be close to 100, a significant number for civilian victims.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors developments inside Syria, has also reported the death of more than 10 Syrian government forces during the recent Turkish air campaign. Most of the dead people were caused by the attacks of Turkish fighters.

31 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and civilian forces have lost their lives in 26 Turkish drone operations in various areas under the control of the Syrian Kurds; From Haqsa to Kobani and Deir ez-Zor.

In two operations, Turkey also fired bombs near two military bases belonging to the United States and Russia, but apparently no American and Russian forces were killed or injured.

Turkey has carried out 50 attacks using F-16 fighter jets, which have resulted in the deaths and injuries of nearly 80 people. 21 of the dead are members of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

According to the report of Syrian Human Rights Watch, another number of Syrian Democratic Forces and civilians have been killed and injured during the rocket and mortar attacks of the Turkish army and Ankara-affiliated rebels along the Kurdish contact line with the Turkish forces.

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