SDF commander says US is against Turkey's invasion on Syria Kurdistan
The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Mazloum Abdi, told NRT in a statement on Saturday, November 26, that the United States is against Turkey's offensives in Syria.

Abdi said the US remained silent at the beginning of Turkey operations but their stance is now clear and they are against Turkey’s attacks and its invasion.

He also stated the political parties in the Kurdistan Region have not taken a serious stance on Turkey's attacks against Kurds in Syria.

Abdi added trade between the Kurdistan Region and Syria Kurdistan is still ongoing at the Semelka border crossing and Kurds in Syria hope Turkey's attacks will not lead to the closure of the gate by the authorities in Erbil.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that Turkey’s air operations in the Kurdistan Region and Syria to clear the regions of what it deems "terrorists” was "just the beginning," adding the country will launch a ground operation in Syria "when convenient."

Turkey launched Operation Claw-Sword on Sunday, a cross-border aerial campaign against People’s Protection Units/Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG/SDF) positions.

The country's air operation followed a terror attack on November 13, on Istanbul's crowded Istiklal Avenue that killed six people and left 81 injured.

Turkish authorities claimed the perpetrators of the blast took orders from groups in Syria associated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Abdi said the SDF has paused operations against the Islamic State (ISIS) over the past week due to Turkey’s attacks, the Associated Press said on Saturday.

Joe Buccino, a spokesman for US Central Command told Voice of America earlier this week that Turkey’s strikes threatened the safety of civilians, stability and the fight against ISIS.

State Department Spokesman Ned Price announced on Monday the US opposed "uncoordinated military action in Iraq.”

US Central Command said on Friday two rockets targeted coalition forces at a base in al-Shaddadi, Syria that evening, causing no injuries or damage.

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