Iranian president, Iraqi PM meet in Tehran
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' Al Sudani met Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday in Tehran

According to IRNA Raisi voiced Iran’s support for a united nation and strong government in neighboring Iraq.

Raisi said that Tehran is resolved to further expand ties with Baghdad in different economic, commercial, cultural, and security areas.

Noting that Iran’s relations with Iraq are exceptional, he expressed hope that further enhancement of ties between the two neighboring countries would lead to promotion of peace and stability in the region and globally.

Raisi termed the newly-elected Iraqi premier's first visit to Tehran as a "turning point" in relations between the two countries, expressing hope for the betterment of bilateral ties.

He described security and stability in the region as a "common concern" for both Tehran and Baghdad, saying the two sides agreed to cooperate on "combating terrorism".

The issue that figured prominently in Tuesday's talks was regional security in the wake of recent strikes by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in northern Iraq.

Raisi stressed that "security, peace, and stability in the region" are important for both Iran and Iraq, calling for a joint fight against "terrorist groups, organized crime, drug trafficking, and any insecurity that threatens the region".

He expressed hope that the new Iraqi premier's visit to Tehran will provide "effective in resolving issues" between the two countries.

Al-Sudani, for his part, said his government will not allow" any political or military group" to launch attacks on neighboring countries, adding that Baghdad will continue to cooperate with Tehran in the fight against terrorism.

Al Sudani also hailed Iran’s interactions with Iraq, noting that bilateral relations between the two countries are growing in an acceptable way.

He stressed the role of a joint Iran-Iraq cooperation commission, calling for regular sessions of the commission.

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