Think tank says US refuses to seriously intervene in Turkey's tension with Kurds
Soufan Center think tank believes the lack of serious involvement of the US in Turkey's confrontations with the Kurds inside this country, Iraq and Syria has been one of the factors of the escalation of this tension.

In an analysis, Soufan Center think tank has investigated the causes of Turkey's renewed threats against the Syrian Kurds. From the point of view of this think tank, one of the main reasons for Turkey's continued threats against the Syrian Kurds and possible ground operations against them is Washington's lack of serious support for the Syrian Kurds.

This center has warned that this time Turkey may be able to get a green light from the US for a ground attack on the Syrian Kurds, just like it did during Donald Trump's presidency.

Soofan has emphasized that one of the reasons for the escalation of tensions between Turkey and the Kurds, especially in connection with Turkey's attacks on the territory of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the north and northeast of Syria, is the lack of serious involvement of the United States in this issue.

This non-profit think tank has argued that the US needs Turkey to solve some issues such as the Ukraine crisis, therefore, Washington refuses to enter seriously into the issue of tension between Turkey and the Kurds.

This American think tank has considered Turkey's new military operation against the Syrian Kurds as serious.

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