Spokesman says Turkey’s operation in Syria can begin anytime
Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Tuesday that the Turkish operation in northern Syria “can begin tomorrow, next week, even later, at any time.”

In an interview with the national press, Kalin said, “The time, scale and boundaries of the operations of the Turkish Armed Forces are determined by Ankara.”

Since November 20, the Turkish forces have launched a wide-scale ground and air bombardment against areas of north and northeast Syria, targeting infrastructure, civilians and military personnel.

Kalin added that the Turkish attacks are coordinated with Russia.

Kalin accused the US of not committing to the 2019 ceasefire agreement, which stipulates halt of military action in northern Syria and the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to beyond 30 km distance south of Turkey’s southern border.

Regarding communications with Damascus, Kalin added, “We maintain contact with Syria at the level of intelligence directorates.”

On Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted at a possible reconciliation with the Syrian government. “It is possible for me to meet with Assad, as there is no permanent rivalry in politics, and we will take our steps in this regard.”

Regarding Damascus’ stance on the potential Turkish invasion, Kalin said that the Syrian government “is coordinating with Iran and Russia,” without elaborating on the matter.

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