Turkey has committed violations against Syria for 11 years – Syrian parliament
On Monday, the Syrian parliament in Damascus said that Turkey, for more than 11 years, has continued its attacks on Syria and committed brutal massacres against Syrians.

The parliament issued a statement on the 83rd anniversary of Turkey’s annexation of the Liwa Iskenderun. The statement said that Turkey, from the beginning, worked to consolidate the policies of occupation and Turkification on the region, breaking the laws of the League of Nations at the time.

The statement added that these exact Turkish policies have been practiced again for the last 11 years.

The parliament pointed out that Turkey has committed brutal massacres against Syrians, provided support to terrorist groups, stolen Syrian resources and bombed civilians. It also has repeatedly cut off water to Hasaka city, depriving a million people of drinking water.

The parliament indicated that Turkish practices constitute a clear violation of international law.

This comes at a time when the Turkish president threatens to launch a new military operation in northern Syria, under the pretext of protecting his country’s national security.

Turkey has taken control of many Syrian cities including Afrin, Azaz, Jarabulus, Idlib, Tel Abyad, and Sere Kaniye.

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