Iraqi Parliament gives its confidence in two Kurdish Ministers
The Iraqi Council of Representatives on Saturday gave its confidence in two Kurdish Ministers for Ministerial positions that remained vacant following the formation of Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s cabinet.

The Iraqi Parliament with the majority of votes approved two Kurdish Ministers who have been appointed to the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing.

Bangin Rekani was appointed as Minister of Reconstruction and Housing, meanwhile, Nzar Amedi as Minister of Environment, Esta reported. Both positions were the Kurdish share in the Iraqi government.

Earlier, PM Sudani in a letter to the presidency of the Iraqi parliament called for holding a session to complete the voting process of the remaining vacant ministries of his cabinet line-up.

Sudani’s cabinet took office in late October, ending more than a year of deadlock since a parliamentary election.

In the course of being elected Sudani has vowed to reform the economy, fight corruption, and improve deteriorating public services, combat poverty, and unemployment among other things.

He also promised to amend the election law within three months and hold early parliamentary elections within a year.

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