Iraqi PM says corrupted high-ranking officials will be held accountable
Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al Sudani said “corrupted high-ranking officials” will be held accountable.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday chaired a meeting of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior during which he vowed to hold “corrupted high-ranking officials” accountable, according to Iraqi News Agency (INA).

 “Corrupt high-ranking officials will be held accountable in a way that corresponds with the responsibility that they had betrayed”, said Sudani during the meeting.

Sudani has also proclaimed that “pursuing some corrupt people will not distract us from bringing corrupt high-ranking officials to justice,” INA added without elaboration.

He further told the Ministry of Interior officials that it is the closest security institution to the citizens.

 “The Ministry requires all its employees to deal professionally and cordially and facilitate their paperwork in the service departments of the Ministry without delay,” Sudani added.

Sudani took office in late October after a political deadlock that lasted a year since the country held parliamentary elections in which parliament was unable to elect a Premier as the parties were engaged in a fierce power struggle.

He had been freshly elected when he vowed to reform the economy, fight corruption, improve deteriorating public services, and combat poverty and unemployment among other things.

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