Iran, Iraq discuss mutual ties, coop. to tackle dust storms
Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Mohammad Kazem Al-e Sadegh and Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Aoun Diab Abdullah on Thursday discussed bilateral ties and issues of mutual interests including drought problem and dust storms.

While congratulating the appointment of new Iraqi minister, Iranian envoy said that Iran benefits from fruitful experiences and enjoys high capability in overcoming soil-related storms, dust particles and droughts, is ready to cooperate with Iraqi side on the relevant issues, IRNA reported.

In the meeting, issues of mutual interest between the two countries were also discussed.

Iraqi Minister of Water Resources, for his part, pointed to the destructive consequences of drought and climatic changes in the region, and called for strengthening relations with Iran in order to solve these problems.

Iraq is ready to take advantage of fruitful experience of Iran in the field of overcoming these problems as mentioned in above, Abdullah emphasized.

Solving drought-related problems and dealing with soil storms have now become a common regional demand, he said, and called on officials of the regional countries to contribute in finding the best solution to overcome these challenges facing ahead.

He considered the policies taken by former Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein and the imposition of numerous wars by him on this country as the main cause of ignoring the solutions for the drought problem.

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