Erdogan says cannot announce the date and location of a possible attack on Syria
Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan renewed his threat to attack Kurdish-controlled northern Syria and stated he could not give advance information about the time and place of the attack.

Before leaving for Turkmenistan to participate in the first meeting of the presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Erdogan said in his press conference in Ankara about the attack on Syria: "It is not possible to announce the time and place of the attack on Syria."

Referring to his recent phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Erdogan was quoted by TRT as saying " only the goals we agreed on with Mr. Putin in the Sochi Agreement are clear. In the recent phone call, I reminded them again of our goals. We have targeted from the border to the south and at a depth of 30 kilometers. Because, unfortunately, our country is permanently threatened by terrorists from this region. This issue has dramatically increased recently. We cannot be silent in front of this and give points. Because my country is under threat and we will not ask anyone's permission to deal with this threat."

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