Role of Syrian Kurds in Erdogan's fate and Turkey-US relations
According to a considerable number of experts, the attack of the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the Syrian Kurds can win him in the next elections in Turkey, but this attack on America's allies in Syria can worsen the current cold ties between Turkey and the United States.

A month ago, Turkey announced its readiness for a ground attack in the areas under the control of the Syrian Kurds by carrying out large-scale airstrikes in these areas. But it seems this issue has been postponed due to the opposition of Russia and America.

Some analysts believe that due to Turkey's involvement in a serious economic crisis, Recep Tayyip Erdogan needs an overseas military operation to be re-elected. A military operation in Syria against the Kurds is currently the best option. This issue can gather Turkish nationalists around Erdogan. Haldon Solmazturk, from the 21st Century Institute in Ankara, told French Radio that Erdogan needs a serious military operation and the best place to carry out military operations is Syria.

But some other analysts believe that Turkey's military operations in Syria are very expensive and did not bring much benefits. Dr. Dastan Jassim, a researcher on Kurdish issues, emphasized in his recent interview with Kurdpress that despite the threats, Turkey is seeking to reduce costs by showing its willingness to establish normal ties with Damascus.

While Turkey's military operations against the Syrian Kurds have become a political tool for Erdogan to continue his power and rule, this issue has also affected the relationship between the United States and Turkey as two NATO members. At least one of the two main reasons for Turkey's failure to obtain the advanced generation of F-16 and F-35 fighter jets, and the economic sanctions of the United States against this country, along with Ankara's emphasis on military cooperation with Russia, is the difference of opinion between the two countries over the Syrian Kurds.

Aydin Tashbash, an analyst at the Brookings Think Tank, considers the role of the Syrian Kurds on the relationship between Turkey and the United States as undeniable. He told the National Radio of France: America has only two options in Syria; either to go to war with Turkey or to sacrifice the Kurds and leave them for Turkey. But the experience of Turkey's two military operations against the Syrian Kurds showed that America has always chosen the second way. In 2018 and 2019, Washington did not prevent Turkey's attack on the Syrian Kurds, and even in 2019, with the withdrawal of its forces, it paved the way for Turkey's attack on Giri Sepi and Sri Kani.

Some experts point out that Erdogan has asked America to sell F-16 fighter jets in recent days following the increasing opposition of Russia and Washington over an attack on the Syrian Kurds. They believe that now Erdogan has a serious obstacle against the ground attack. He uses the possible as seeking to win points. Solmazturk believes that Erdogan has given up on the ground attack and is now looking to gain points against this compromise.

Despite all this, Aydin Seljan, a former diplomat of the Turkish government and a researcher at the Mediascope news portal, believes at least until the Turkish general and presidential elections in June next year, the risk of Turkish ground operations against the Syrian Kurds remains. The reason for this is that the attack can gather Turkey extreme nationalists around Erdogan, who desperately needs their votes.

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