Malla Bakhtiar comments on reports over dismantling PUK council
The leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Malla Bakhtiar, commented on recent reports about Bafel Talabani's will to dismantle the party's council.

In an article he published on Wednesday, Bakhtiar said that some pages claimed that Talabani is planning to dismantle the party's Supreme Political Council and award its members a medal of appreciation during a mini-conference.

He added, "I'm not sure if these rumors are true [.... it was necessary to deny these claims, but they are still circulating."

"On my behalf, I can say that no one is eligible to take a decision determining the fate of the Supreme Political Council except for the general conference of the party", he said, noting, "if the conference is held, it must aim to suspend the fourth conference and archive it as a shameful memory."

Bakhtiar added, "Before thinking about the Supreme Political Council, we must think about ending the corruption in the partisan work and the backstabbing of thousands of staff members, members, and writers."

"The main problem of the Patriotic Union is the failure to address injustice and accept its differences with the Kurdistan Democratic Party."

He concluded, "Anyone who dares to suggest dismantling the Supreme Political Council should reveal their name, and not spread rumors in the name of the president of the federation."

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