Baghdad to stop all pressures on Kurdistan Region
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region announced important information about the pressure exerted by the Baghdad government on the Kurdistan Region and said: "We have agreed with the Iraqi government that all pressures on the Kurdistan Region government will stop at this time, until the new oil and gas law is issued."

According to Sharpers, the Prime Minister Masrour Barzani announced in an interview with Reuters in Davos that the Iraqi government has committed to canceling the order of the Federal Court regarding the oil and gas issue against the Kurdish autonomous region.

Masrour Barzani said: "There is a possibility that the problems between the region and Baghdad will be resolved in the next few months by completing the issue of the oil and gas law of the region."

Barzani further said, "We have agreed with the Iraqi government to help the Kurdistan region in order to prepare the budget bill for 2023 to solve the problems that have been postponed and the issue of paying the salaries of government employees and paying the arrears of oil companies."

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