Half of the Kurdish votes in Turkey go to HDP, politician tells KurdPress
Turkey Kurdish lawyer and politician said that half of the votes of Kurds in Turkey goes to the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) and the other half is divided among other parties.

"There is not much information available in this regard, and we hear all this news from the media," said Sedqi Zilan, the Turkey Kurdish lawyer and politician, in response to a KurdPress question about how he assesses the attempts of Turkey's ruling party and its meetings with some Kurdish political movements.
What was seen in the media is that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan first met with the Turkish Nationalist Party (MHP) and then with the Saadat Party and the Kurdish Huda Par Party and these meetings are important because of Erdogan's position as Turkey president as well as the leader of Turkey's ruling party of Justice and Development Party (AK Party).
He continued: "Kurds are influencing the election results due to their presence in Turkish metropolises such as Istanbul, Izmir and etc. they are influential in the results of the elections. The influence is more visible in a big city like Istanbul, and therefore individuals and political figures from different parties are seeking to win the votes of the Kurds."
He added: "The issue of establishing a new party is not a new issue and has already existed."
Some political figures who split from other parties sought to form a new party, but I do not think a new party will be formed because that is not the demand of the people, the politician also told KurdPress.
Regarding the Kurdish votes in Turkey, Mr. Zilan said: "Half of the ways of the Kurds in Turkey go to the People's Democratic Party (HDP) and the other half of these votes are scattered and divided among other parties." Sedqi Zilan added: "The votes of other Kurdish parties are not so much and only in some party areas such as Huda Parar have a limited percentage of votes.
Huda Par's vote does not hurt the HDP, it only harms the ruling Justice and Development Party and reduces the vote of the ruling Islamist party.
The Kurdish lawyer and politician stated: "These votes of Huda Par in the previous municipal elections caused several municipal seats to be taken from the Justice and Development Party and reached the HDP because some Kurdish Islamists voted for Huda Par and the number of AK Party votes decreased.
Sedqi Zilan pointed out: "In Turkey, the participation of parties in the general elections requires an average number of votes and any newly formed party can not compete during the elections unless it passes the 10 percent threshold. Currently, only the HDP and Huda Par are able to participate.
The Kurdish lawyer further said: "Pressures and separations from the ruling party have increased, and many Kurdish members of the ruling party are no longer welcomed by people who are unsatisfied with the current situation."
Sedqi Zilan pointed out: "Today's voters are mostly the youth who carefully monitor the conditions of society and pay attention to the media, and a strong front has been formed against the ruling party."
He said that the pressure against the ruling party is still ineffective and the policy of the Republican People's Party (CHP) is not very effective.
Earlier, the ruling party used to blame the ideology of Kamalism, which, of course, was in favor of the Kurds, but now the AKP has returned to Kemalism.
Referring to the situation of the Kurds in the Turkish political sphere, the Turkish Kurdish lawyer and politician said: "The Kurds have no plan and are not united. There is a lot of corruption in the HDP and Huda Par parties. It is the policy of the two parties of the PKK and Hezbollah."
The PKK considered Hezbollah a tool of the government and Hezbollah called the PKK anti-religious, so we cannot expect the political situation of the Kurds in Turkey to improve until the political situation of the Kurds in Turkey improves
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