US complied with Erdogan's demands regarding Syrian Kurds: researcher
Political researcher Eliza Marcus says the United States withdrew its forces from northern Syria to pave the way for a Turkish attack on the Kurds because Erdogan wanted to.

Eliza Marcus, a Kurdish issue scholar and author of Blood and Beliefs, referred to the domination of Turkish-backed extremist groups over the formerly Kurdish-controlled city of Sari Kani in northern Syria and said that this city was free and under the control of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in northern Syria.

He wrote on her Twitter page: "This situation continued only until the United States withdrew its forces to prepare the ground for the Turkish army to attack the Syrian Kurds."

Eliza Marcus further stressed that the United States prepared the ground for a Turkish invasion of the Kurdish-controlled area because Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted it to.

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