Erdogan suffers if Trump can not win US presidential elections, PDY official tells KurdPress
Bakr Haj Isa, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) communications manager in the Euphrates region told KurdPress in an interview that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will suffer if US President Donald Trump fails to win the upcoming presidential elections in the country in November.

"We have not adjusted our policy to the will of the United States, but we have tied our faith to the will of our people," said the Democratic Union Party's communications officer.

In response to a question about the impact of the forthcoming US presidential election on the situation of the Kurds in Syria, Bakr Haj Isa said: "The US government is a democratic and institutionalized government and its management is based on the organization of its supervising bodies. American governments act in the interests of the American people.

He continued: "We, as Syrian Kurdistan, also make policies based on the interests of our people. During the ISII war, the US government stood by our fighters against terrorism and with the cooperation of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the ISIS Empire was destroyed."

He added: "We urge the US government to acknowledge and accept the existence of the self-ruling administration and the achievements of Syrian Kurdistan, and that their relations with us should not be limited to the military equipment."

"It does not matter who is elected as the president of the United States. We hope that the person elected will acknowledge the existence of the Kurdish administration and expand political cooperation with us," said the Democratic Union Party (PYD) chief in the Euphrates region.

Regarding the political statements of US presidential candidates about the Kurds, Bakr Haj Isa said: "(Joe) Biden made many issues clear in his remarks. He said that he would stand by the Kurds and set a limit for Erdogan to attack the Kurds."

He stressed: "With the defeat of Trump, Erdogan will suffer the most. Biden sees his interests in relations with the Kurds. We have not tied our policy to the United States and we believe in our people and our political and cultural achievements."

"We are trying to expand our relations with all governments in the region and the world. We have not attacked anyone and we call on the next US president to accept the benefits of the Syrian Kurdish administration," said the Democratic Union Party (PYD) officer in the Euphrates region.

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