Influential Kurdish parties need to dialogue over Shingal: party leader
The leader of the Kurdish Democratic Agreement Party in Syria stated the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), as influential forces in Shingal, need to talk to each other as this is the only solution to the region's problems.

"As it is clear, the Middle East region is the center of conflict and cultural and civilizational contradictions, and politically, economically and militarily, the conflict has turned the region into a place for international and regional powers to fight and forces influence, and the Kurdish people live in this conflict-ridden region, Fawzil Shingali told KurdPress in an interview.

He continued: "The Shingal issue is specifically an international and regional conflict that has geopolitical, military and economic dimensions, and this conflict is not limited to Kurdish political parties and forces, but the tension is between regional countries and Iraq."

"Kurdish forces are at loggerheads over finding appropriate solutions for the future of the region, while Shingal is still under threat after its liberation from ISIS," Mr. Shingali further said.

He also said: "In my opinion, the KDP, the PKK and the PUK, as influential parties in Shingal, should talk to each other as this is the only solution to the problems in this region."

"Without dialogue, the parties will not achieve the desired results and their problems will deepen, especially in the light of this dispute, competition between countries to depend their influence and control Shingal will increase," the party leader told KurdPress.

The leader of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Agreement Party added: "I believe that talks should be held between the sides to find solutions to the issue of Yazidis in Shingal and Iraq, as well as the Kurdistan Region. These are the main points for resolving disputes and protecting Shingal from any conflict."

"The Iraqi government must guarantee there will not be any foreign interference and will defend the sovereignty of its land and people. The international community should ensure the stability and security of Shingal and return refugees, rebuild the region and prevent the ignition of any tension in this area," he concluded.

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