PYKS official calls on PYD to apologize
A member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Union Party in Syria (PYKS) stated that the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) should apologize over its remarks in the process of the Kurdish-Kurdish talks in northern Syria.

 that the United States is silent about the PYD's behavior in the face of the Kurdish Patriotic Council.

Behjat Sheikho, a member of the Kurdish PYKS, referred to the ongoing talks between the Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and parties close to the later and stated in an interview with KurdPress that "unity between the people and the Kurdish movements in Syria is very important, especially after the occupation of some parts of Syrian Kurdistan by Turkey and its affiliated groups."

He continued: "Our people are very happy during this year when the Kurdish-Kurdish talks have started and they want these talks to be concluded, but unfortunately the other side is making irrational comments."

The PYSK member further told KurdPress: "For us in the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) [which the PYSK is affiliated to], these talks are strategic and we are ready for talks at any time, but the other side is constantly creating new differences."

Behjat Sheikho said: "The other side is not serious in the talks and the US representative in the talks has been silent over their behavior."

"Negotiations have now stalled and we have asked the PYD to apologize to both the Kurdish people and the Roj Peshmerga forces for making ill-advised remarks about these forces," he said.

The Kurdish official stressed: "The Peshmerga has played a positive and national role for the Kurds and has fought heroically against terrorism in the war against ISIS."

The PYKS member went on to add that: "The PYD is not serious in the negotiations and we hope that Mazlum Kobani and the United States will play a positive role and pressure the other side to stop making discord so that the talks would end in a good result."

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