US delegation meeting with Syrian Kurdish movements was positive: official
A member of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) legal office stated that the recent visit of a US official to Syria Kurdistan and meeting with some Kurdish movements in the Kurdish administration was positive and General Mazlum Kobani's remarks about Roj Peshmerga were very positive.

Rezvan Seydo, an ENKS legal office member, told KurdPress about the future of talks between the ENKS and the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK) that: "The US Deputy Representative for Syria held positive meetings with the two sides during his recent visit to Syrian Kurdistan and General Kobani's recent remarks about the Roj Peshmerga were also positive, and in my opinion, these statements refuted the false statements made by Aldar Khalil, the chairman of the PYNK Negotiations Committee, about Roj Peshmerga forces.

He continued: "After the meeting of the American delegation with the two sides, there is hope that the talks will resume slowly."

"The unity of the Kurdish parties is the wish of the people in Syria Kurdistan; because the interests of the Kurds in Syria are secured in the shadow of unity," the official noted.

Mr. Seydo further stressed that "The ENKS is serious about the negotiations and so far the ENKS delegation in the negotiations has made no sharp and tense statements about the other side of the talks."

The Kurdish official pointed out that the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a party affiliated with the PYNK, uses inappropriate literature towards the ENKS in its statements, while the ENKS adheres to the talks and its results and avoids unrelated statements.

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