Turkey Kurds' Democratic demands would lead to no avail: expert
An expert of the Kurdish issue in Turkey says the democratic demands of the Kurds in the country is doomed to fail as democracy is suppressed in the country.

Sherry Laser is one of the people who have been following the Kurdish issue in Turkey for years. In an interview with EKurd, she expressed his disappointment with the Kurds' achieving their rights and getting their democratic demands.

Ms. Laser describes Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government as one of the most stubborn governments in the history of Turkey in terms of respecting the rights of minorities, especially the Kurds.

Referring to the widespread detention of Kurdish members of the Turkish parliament and mayors affiliated with the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) by Ankara, she stressed that Erdogan's widespread campaign against Turkish Kurds was an attempt to deprive the Kurds of having political representatives in the country.

 The expert stressed that given the seizure of the Turkish media and judiciary by the government, efforts to have democracy and the attempts of the Kurds to establish democracy in Turkey is doomed to fail.

She noted that the willingness of some influential people in the United States is to cooperate with Turkey, and expressed doubts about US continued support for the Syrian and Turkey Kurds under the government of Joe Biden.

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