Baffel Talabani expresses worry over new attack on Erbil airport
The co-chair of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Baffel Talabani denounced the Friday  rocket attack on Erbil airport and stressed that the repeated attack on the capital of the Kurdistan Region is a cause for concern.

Issuing a statement, Talabani strongly denounced the attack on Erbil International Airport and underscored that the protection of the Kurdish region is a priority for his party. The PUK co-chair reiterated that: "For this reason (the security of the Kurdistan Region), the PUK is supporting the punishment of the perpetrators of this attack (the attack on Erbil airport)."
Talabani concluded by pointing out that the Kurdish region would coordinate with the forces of the International Coalition Against ISIS, which he said were tirelessly supporting them in the fight against the terrorist group.
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