Masrour Barzani welcomes western countries&apos' condemnation of Erbil attack
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Masrour Barzani welcomed, on Friday, the joint statement issued by five global capitals condemning the recent attacks on Erbil.

“I welcome this clear, unanimous condemnation by friends and partners of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of the recent attack on Erbil. We have a common goal: stability and security for all the Iraqi peoples and victory in the war on ISIS.” Barzani said on twitter.
Earlier Friday, Five western countries, Washington, Berlin, Paris, Rome and London condemned "in the strongest terms" the rockets attack at an air base housing US forces in Erbil, warning that it would "not tolerate" any attacks against the Coalition, Shafaq News reported.
Kurdistan Region Ministry of Interior said, on Wednesday evening, that an attack targeted Erbil International Airport.
The Ministry said a drone dropped explosives (TNT) near U.S. forces stationed at Erbil airport in northern Iraq late on Wednesday, with no immediate reports of casualties.
"Fortunately, the explosion resulted in only material damages without any human losses” the Ministry added.
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