US ties with Syrian Kurds are political, militarily and economic: official
The representative of the Democratic Syrian Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region stated that the United States is pursuing a different policy towards the Kurds in Syria during [US President Joe] Biden."

Referring to the US President's decision to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, Hoshang Derwish, a member of the Democratic Syrian Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, told KurdPress: "It was clear that US policy on regional issues would change and Turkey and [Turkey President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan could not pursue their own policies as they did during [former US President Donald] Trump."

"American policy will be different from the Trump era, not towards the Kurds and the Middle East, but also about global developments," the Syrian Kurdish official reiterated.

Mr. Derwish added: "US policy towards fixed policy issues and the solution of the Kurdish issue is also pursued within the framework of the governments in which they are established."

He added: "The United States has always uses a stable policy and its relations with the Kurds in Syria are based on military commitments and the fight against ISIS, but in the Biden era it could be seen that efforts continue in three areas: politics, military and economy, and the Americans do not hide this issue and the issue has made Turkey angry."

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