Kurdistan Region envoy says the region faces many problems
The representative of the Kurdistan Region in the United States, Beyan Sami Abdul Rahman, said that the Iraqi Kurdistan is still facing an economic crisis and many displaced people, who have imposed a financial burden on the Kurdistan region, have not been able to return to their homes.

"The Iraqi Kurdistan region is currently facing problems," said Beyani Sami Abdul Rahman, a representative of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in the United States, about the situation of the Kurds at a conference at Yale University.

The representative stressed that the economic crisis is the biggest problem in Kurdistan, noting that the outbreak of Covid 19 has also had a devastating effect on the economy of Kurdistan.

"Last year, the price of oil fell and this issue strongly affected the Kurdistan Region. The Iraqi central government sent only a half of the money it was supposed to give to the Kurdistan Region last year, and this has greatly affected the Kurdistan Region.

The representative of the Kurdistan Region in the United States stated that another important problem of the Kurdistan Region is the denial of many Iraqi and Syrian refugees for returning to their homes.

About the reason behind the denial of Iraqi and Syrian refugees from leaving the Kurdistan region, Sami Abdul Rahman said: "The areas from where the Iraqi refugees came to the Kurdistan region are still unstable and some 5 million refugees have come to the Kurdistan region and NGOs have failed to send enough aids to the displaced people."

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