Oil control is an unresolved issue between Kurdistan Region and Baghdad
Oil control is one of the most contentious issues between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, for which no solution has yet been conceived, the Meed Economic Journal wrote.

In its latest issue, Meed Economic Magazine points out that the Kurdistan Region is deprived of the money that Baghdad owes to pay its employees and this is the main reason behind the tension between Erbil and Baghdad.
Referring to Baghdad's anger over the Kurdistan Region's oil industry's independence from Iraq, the journal noted that Iraq has repeatedly cut off the Kurdistan Region's share of Iraq's public budget for the past six years, largely due to the Kurdistan Region's attempt to export oil independently.
Referring to the non-payment of salaries for several months in the Kurdistan Region, the economic magazine Mead also stated that the local government of the Kurdistan Regional Government is unable to provide the monthly salaries of the employees without the monthly assistance of Baghdad.
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