US pressure on Turkey is in interest of Kurds: ENKS official
A member of the Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS) said the US pressure on Turkey is in interest of the Kurds, especially the Kurdish administration in northern Syria.

Qadri Can further told KurdPress that Kurdish-Kurdish talks in Syrian Kurdistan would resume soon after the US Deputy Representative for Syria would met with Kurdish parties.
Mr. Can, a member of the regional delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria and also a member of the ENKS delegation in Qamishli, referred to the recent Turkish attacks on the border areas of Kurdistan under the pretext of fighting the PKK and noted "Turkey wants to deteriorate the problems in the Kurdistan Region and the leadership of this region, and create troubles in the Kurdistan Region in the name of fighting the PKK as it did in Syrian Kurdistan."
Referring to the US President's decision to recognize the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government, he said: "This action will also benefit the Kurds, because the Kurds, like the Armenians, have suffered a lot from the regional governments and Turkey. The more the US puts pressure on Turkey, the more it will benefit the Kurds."
The ENKS official concluded: "After the visit of David Brunstan, the US Deputy Special Representative for Syria, to Syrian Kurdistan and the Iraqi Kurdistan region and meeting with the Kurdish parties, there is hope that the Kurdish-Kurdish talks will resume in Syrian Kurdistan soon."
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