Joint operations room formed between Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces
A joint operations room between the Iraqi Security Forces and Peshmerga forces has been formed in the district, which is located in northeastern Diyala governorate, Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Democratic party’s (KDP) Fifteenth Branch office in Khanaqin district Akbar Haidar said on Thursday, May 20.

Haidar told the KDP’s official media outlet that the room consists of ten people from both sides who have started their work.
According to NRT he called it an “important step” that will enable officials to carry out joint operations wherever there is a security vacuum or Islamic State (ISIS) movement.
Head of Media and Awareness department at the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga Osman Risha said that forming joint rooms have begun.
On Monday, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) official Mahmoud Sangawi announced that a coordination center focused on the Garmian area will open this week.
Recently officials in both Erbil and Baghdad have expressed concern about the security vacuum in the disputed areas, a belt of territory stretching from Nineveh through Kirkuk to Diyala claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad, which allows ISIS militants to stage attacks against both civilian and military targets.
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