Syrian Kurds do not want a war or an independent entity: US commission member
A member of the US-based International Religious Freedom Commission says the Syrian Kurds are neither seeking an independent state nor want a war; They need economic aid to support the administration in northern Syria.

Nadineh Maenza who recently examined the situation at the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in northern Syria, described the area as safe in a report, but stressed that US sanctions against Syria also affected the Syrian Kurdish-controlled autonomous region. So the United States should exempt the Kurds from these sanctions.

He stressed that with the lifting of US sanctions, investment and trade in the region will flourish. They do not need more troops from Washington, but rather the United States will recognize the political situation in northern Syria and provide them with political support.

Maenza said about the concern of the Syrian Kurds that the Kurds are worried about two things; Changing US policy on northern Syria and Turkey re-invasion.

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