Iraqi National Security Advisor: No non-Iraqi forces will remain in Shingal
Qassim Araji, Iraq's National Security Adviser, stressed that no non-Iraqi forces would remain in the city of Shingal.

According to Nas News, Araji said in a joint press conference with Riber Ahmad, Kurdistan Region Minister of Interior that: "Important steps have been taken regarding the Shingal agreement and there are no problems in its implementation."
He added: "No non-Iraqi forces will remain in Shingal."
Meanwhile, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kurdistan Region praised Al-Araji for concluding the Shingal agreement and said: "An agreement has been reached on appointing a joint governor for Shingal."
Riber Ahmad added: "the management of Shingal will be handed over to the people of this city and the mentioned agreement will be implemented in the near future."
A delegation from the Iraqi central government headed by Qassim Araji, Iraq's national security adviser, arrived in Erbil on Tuesday, November 17, to determine the mechanisms for implementing the Shingal agreement and met with the Minister of Interior in the presence of Jenin Plaskhart, the UN Special Representative for Iraq.
The delegation is scheduled to travel to Mosul on Wednesday to meet with representatives of identity groups and various movements in Ninawa province.
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