Iraqi President meets Al-Wataniya Coalition leader
President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met on Sunday, July 4, 2021, with the Head of the National Coalition, Ayad Allawi.

Latest developments in politics and security related-matters in Iraq and how to deliver better services for all Iraqi citizens, were discussed during the meeting.

According to PUK Media Salih and Allawi agreed that it was important to ensure security and peace in the country, with focus on the need to improve public services delivery and improve electricity power supplies.

The both leaders spoke about how to address acts of vandalism that can damage the supplies electricity lines and the power grid.

On the other hand, they do believe that it was also necessary to sustain efforts that aim to confront terrorism and extremism, the report added.

The discussions placed emphasis on the country's next federal elections, with taking all the necessary actions to ensure optimal conditions for a secure and transparent vote.

Therefore, elections must be fair and free and there should be no fraud or electoral manipulation.

That way we can restore the Iraqi people's confidence in the electoral system and ensure a large turn-out at the elections so the Iraqi can able to exercise their constitutional rights to vote without having the fear of fraud or manipulation, meeting participants said.

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