Four Iraqi army soldiers killed during an ISIS attack in Kirkuk
Four Iraqi army soldiers were killed during an attack by the ISIS elements in west of Kirkuk province in the north of Iraq.

According to Mellat news website, an Iraqi security source, who wanted to remain known, said that on Saturday, July 17, ISIS elements attacked an Iraqi army checkpoint in an area west of Kirkuk.

Iraqi army forces reportedly clashed with ISIS elements which led to the killing of four Iraqi soldiers.

Despite announcing the end of ISIS in Iraq in 2017, the movements and attacks of the terrorist group are continuing in Iraq, especially in the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, and many civilians and military personnel of the country are victims of the ISIS attacks.

Kirkuk is a disputed Kurdish-majority region which is claimed by both Kurdistan Region and Baghdad but is currently under the control of Iraqi forces. The province voted, by about 93 percent, to be a part of the Kurdistan Region and under the control of the regional government in the 2017 independence referendum of the region.

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