US cannot prevent Turkey from attacking Kurdish allies in Syria
Sofrep website says one of the US problems in Syria is Washington's inability to prevent Turkish attacks on the Kurds who are allies of the White House.

In a report on the US military presence in Syria, the US military website described the situation in Syria as something similar to that of Afghanistan.
Sofrep, which covers US military news and military developments, notes that despite the fact that three US presidents, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are responsible for the presence of US troops in Syria, they have not adopted a specific strategy in the war-torn country.
The magazine wrote in its article that one of the reasons for the US military presence in Syria is to help the US Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS, and described it as a successful mission.
Sofrep said that one of the US problems in Syria was Turkey's repeated military attacks on its allies and stated that there was still the possibility of more attacks on the Kurds in northern Syria and the United States could not prevent these attacks.
The military magazine believes that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, which is welcomed by some of the country's politicians, creates a situation similar to the current situation in Afghanistan.
Sofrep believes America does not believe in Turkey and cannot delegate the role of fighting ISIS to this country since there is a possibility of ISIS regaining power and the allied Kurds will be in danger then.
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