Official hails Kadhimi talks with Washington officials during visit to US
Iraq made great progress in its talks with the US, particularly with regard to the presence of US military forces, spokesman for Iraq’s federal government Hassan Nazim said on Friday, July 30.

During a televised interview, Nazim said that the next steps in the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue will focus on building up the economic educational, and cultural relationship between the two countries.
According to NRT he stated that the Iraqi delegation also discussed other topics during Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s recent trip to Washington, including electricity, oil, and ways to improve the ability of foreign companies to work in Iraq.
"Iraq will grant visas to [staff of] foreign and American companies at the airport directly, in a plan aimed at facilitating investment inside the country,” Nazim said.
On Monday, Biden and Kadhimi met for the latest round of the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue talks, the main result of which was that the US would end its combat role and shift fully to advising and training the Iraqi Security Forces and the Peshmerga as a part of the fight against Islamic State (ISIS).
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