US coalition confirms drone strike on Erbil airport
The US-led coalition confirmed the drone strike at Erbil airport, claiming that there were no casualties.

A US coalition spokesman confirmed that the Erbil airport had been attacked by two drones last night. The statement claimed that no casualties were reported in the attack.

The Iraqi Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Organization also announced on Sunday in a statement that an explosive-laden drone had targeted Erbil airport.

According to Rudaw, massive explosions were heard near the airport during the attack.

It added that security forces were deployed to the airport, and security officials are investigating the source of the attack.

The Rudaw correspondent also said that the alarm sounded at the US consulate in Erbil before the attack.

"The attack on the airport has been repulsed and the area is safe," the governor of Erbil said in a statement. "We are closely following the attack on the airport."

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