Turkey preparing to attack northern Syria, says journalist
An Arab journalist living in northern Syria said that resolving the Syrian crisis by the United States and Russia is not in Turkey's interest and that the country will take any action to stay in Syria.

"There is a serious threat because Turkey and the [ruling] government of Justice and Development Party are at enmity with the Syrian people, especially the self-ruling administration, and they want to harm the Kurds," Lawrence al-Shair, a Qamishli-based journalist, told Kurdpress.

He continued: "Turkey does not adhere to any international law and is a great danger to Syria and it is not unlikely that Turkey will commit another aggression, especially since there are rumors that the United States and Russia want to find a solution to end the Syrian crisis."

"Resolving the Syrian crisis means that Turkey must leave Syria and Ankara knows this and is likely to prepare for another attack on northern Syria," the journalist further said.

"Turkey has been using all its opportunities for expansion for the past ten years to capture both predominantly Kurdish cities and to evict Kurdish citizens from their homes," he said.

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