Kirkuk and Shingal sent a political message by voting for KDP: official
The public relations officer of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria said that the people's vote for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Iraqi October 10 parliament elections in Kirkuk and Shingal had a political message.

"The elections in Iraq and the Kurdish region were a successful example of democracy and sent a message that the Kurds would continue their way in achieving their national goals by resorting to modern and democratic methods," Fadi Marei told Kurdpress, referring to the results of the Iraqi parliament elections for the Kurdish parties.

According to initial results the KDP achieved 32 seats in the elections and the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) gained 15 seats, meanwhile the Movement for Change (Gorran), the third biggest party of the region, failed to win any seat. New Generation became the third party of the region by winning 9 seats.

Mr. Marei continued: "This election conveyed two messages. One is that Kirkuk is a Kurdish city, and despite the dangers it faces, the Kurds will not give it up."

He added: "The second message was about Shingal and the parties that wanted to prevent the KDP presence in this region, were punished after people elected KDP representatives in this election and the Shingalis [Shingal residents] showed they want Kurdistan to develop and succeed."

He added: "We hope that the Kurdish representatives in the Iraqi parliament would act in the interests of the Kurdish people and focus their efforts on the development of the Kurdistan Region."

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