PUK delegation visiting Baghdad to discuss government formation
A delegation of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) officials is planned to meet with officials from other political parties and discuss the ongoing government formation process in Iraq.

Head of the PUK’s media office Stran Abdulla told a media outlet affiliated with his party that the PUK Politburo authorized the mission.

Abdulla said that the delegation consists of Khalid Shwani, D. Majid Hama Amin, and Rebwar Taha.

According to him the PUK wants to know the views of the other parties as the process proceeds.

Another delegation will visit Baghdad in the near future and will negotiate fully with the parties, Abdulla said, adding that the delegation arrived in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday, November 9.

On November 4, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) delegation arrived in Baghdad for the same purpose.

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