There is no clear prospect between us and Damascus, Syrian Kurdish party leader tells Kurdpress
The head of the Kurdish Democratic Day Party in Syria said: "We believe in dialogue on equal terms for the future of Syria with the central government, but at the moment there is no clear horizon between us and Damascus."

About the threat of a new Turkish invasion on northern Syria after Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's threats eased, the leader of the Kurdish party, Kofan Kane'o, told Kurdpress that: "One of the reasons why Turkey has reduced its threats against Syrian Kurdistan is the United States. And it is Russia that did not give the green light to Erdogan to re-invade.

He continued: "Turkey has now stopped a new attack, but it is bombing the Ain Issa area severely and has displaced the villagers in these areas."

Mr. Kane'o added: "The ruling party (Justice and Development Party) is in a very bad situation and is becoming more and more hated among the Turkish people, and the recent widespread protests showed the shaky position of the party in Turkey."

The Kurdish Democratic Day Party Leader in Syria said about the talks between the Syrian Kuridsh-led self-ruling administration with the Syrian central government that: "There is an attempt by the Russians for talks between the administration and the central government, but Damascus does not send any signal for softening ties and resolving problems. And Russia should put pressure on the Syrian government to take the talks serious.

"The self-ruling administration is seriously seeking dialogue and resolving the Kurdish issue within the framework of its rights in the Syrian constitution, but the central government is not paying attention to this issue and is looking at the issue as it did before 2011," Kofan Kane'o added.

"We believe in dialogue on an equal situation for the future of Syria, but at the moment there is no clear horizon between us and Damascus," he concluded.

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