SDF makes futher gains in regaining Hasaka prison
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Tuesday, January 25, nine members of staff at the al-Sinaa prison who had been taken hostage by Islamic State (ISIS) militants have been rescued.

The SDF Coordination and Military Ops Center announced on Twitter the employees have been taken to a "safer point.”
The head of the SDF media center, Farhad Shami, said on Saturday pro-ISIS media published a video which showed a group who had been abducted by the militants on Thursday in al-Sinaa prison.
He confirmed the men in the video were kitchen staff and stated the SDF had lost contact with them during the first attack on the prison.
Kurdish forces have regained control of a block of eight buildings in the prison, the coordination ops reported late on Tuesday afternoon, using the hashtag, victory is approaching.
The SDF also announced they were conducting clearing operations Ghweiran, where the prison is located, and al-Zuhour, an adjacent neighborhood. At least 14 ISIS militants were killed in the operations, the SDF said, including suicide bombers wearing explosive belts.
They also stated an operation was carried out at the bank of the Khabour River where three ISIS members were killed who had planned to back the prison break-out.
Farhad Shami posted an announcement last night from the SDF media center calling on ISIS members in the prison to surrender.
"We know you have an internet connection and see your setbacks,” the post stated. "You are completely surrounded by our forces and there is no way out.”
The SDF said on Monday 300 ISIS members had surrendered to Kurdish forces seeking to regain control of the prison.
Clashes in the vicinity of al-Sinaa began on Thursday night, when three explosions struck near the detention facility as part of a break-out attempt with sleeper cells.
300 Islamic State (ISIS) members surrendered early on Monday, January 24, following days of clashes after the prison-break attempt in Hasaka.
"After the call for safe surrender and to hand over their arms, at 5am, our forces raided and controlled one of the prison buildings where these terrorist mutineers barricaded,” SDF press announced.
Rojava Information Center (RIC) said scattered groups of ISIS militants remains in Ghweiran and al-Zuhour, adding community defense units (HPC) were patrolling the area.
A statement from SDF media posted late on Monday afternoon said they were taking precautions to protect the safety of civilians who may be used as human shields by ISIS members during clashes.
The SDF also announced eight ISIS militants were killed and the SDF lost one member of their forces in the battle to regain control of the prison and surrounding area.
The Coordination and Military Ops Center of SDF said on Monday afternoon they were continuing to capture ISIS members, who will be taken to a new, secure facility.
"The leadership of the SDF is advancing its efforts to gain control of the whole prison,” the ops center said, adding coalition airstrikes were "continuing to strike the terrorists with precision.”
Clashes in the vicinity of al-Sinaa prison, which houses thousands of ISIS inmates, has been ongoing since Thursday night, when three explosions struck near the detention facility as part of a break-out attempt with ISIS sleeper cells.
The SDF said at least 175 ISIS militants were killed in the ensuing clashes, RIC said on Sunday. Civilians and community defense units (HPC).
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