PUK says it will not allow KDP to take over the presidency of Iraq
The deputy chairman of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) faction in the Iraqi parliament stressed that the party would not allow the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to take over the presidency of Iraq.

Mullah Karim Shakur, the representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in the Iraqi parliament, told NRT regarding the Iraqi parliament's decision to reopen the registration of candidates for the Iraqi presidency that that this action was unnecessary and in violation of the Iraqi law, and that representatives of his party did not vote for the decision.

He stressed that the presidency of Iraq was the share of the Patriotic Union Party and that the current Iraqi President and PUK leading member Barham Saleh was the only candidate of the party to hold this position and that the KDP would not be allowed to hold this position.

Mullah Karim Shakur also noted that differences between the PUK and the KDP over the presidency of Iraq have had a negative impact on the governance of the Kurdistan Region.

Earlier, an Iraqi federal court ruled against former KDP presidential candidate Hoshyar Zebari over allegations of corruption, following a complaint by three members of the PUK and an independent member of the Iraqi parliament, and Mullah Karim Shakur said the PUK has not made any decision to file a complaint against the eligibility of Riber Ahmed, another KDP nominee.

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