Payam Azizi releases Messenger of Mercy music video
The music video of "Messenger of Mercy;" sung and composed by Kurdish religious music singer, Payam Azizi, has been released.

Arranged by Fardin Lahorepour, directed by Reza Hassani, and lyrics by Shiva Fazlali, the music video "Messenger of Mercy" has been sung and composed by Payam Azizi.
The video has been performed by the Turkish Orchestra, directed by Reza Hassani, and commissioned by the National Institute of Patience (peace, patience, and consent), available to music fans all around the country.
In a collaborator effort with dispute resolution councils of Kermanshah province, the clip features families of the late Kheirollah Goldasteh as well as the death row inmate Khaled Karami who received a pardon upon the bereaved family's consent, having already served a nine-year sentence.
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