Syrian Kurdish party blames Russian invasion on Ukraine
The leader of the Kurdish Democratic Day party in Syria said Russian President Vladimir Putin did not oppose the secession of areas such as Afrin, Gri Spi, Seri Kani, Azaz, Bab, Jerablus and Idlib by Turkey, and that Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remained silent against Russia's invasion on Ukraine because of his interests in ties with Moscow.

"Russia's invasion on Ukraine is not a legitimate act and Moscow wants to break the will of the Ukrainian people," Kufan ​​Kaneo, leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, told Kurdpress.

He continued: "Ukraine has made a strong resistance against the Moscow's attacks and the Russians did not think they would face such a resistance."

"The world has remained silent in the face of this behavior, while the freedom fighters should not be silent and should support the people of Ukraine. Kurds and Ukrainians are always attacked by their neighbors," the party leader further said.

Kaneo added: "Putin follows Erdogan's expansionism policy and both pursue the same policy. Putin intends to restore the Russian Tsarist empire, and Erdogan seeks to revive the Ottoman Empire.

"These measures endanger world security and peace. But people like Erdogan and Putin do not pay attention to these issues and rules and international law and take any risk in their own interests."

"Putin will remain silent in the face of the Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan, and Erdogan will take no action against Russia's invasion of Ukraine," said the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria. "Putin does not say anything about Turkey's occupation of Afrin, Gri Spi, Seri Kani, Azaz, Bab, Jerablus and Idlib, and Erdogan remains silent over Russia's invasion of Ukraine due to his own interests."

"The Kurds have not claimed secession from Syria, but are seeking their political rights within Syria, but Russia and Turkey are seeking expansionism and aggression," Kaneo said.

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